About the ATV Safety Course

ATV Safety training is conducted by Veteran Special Forces operators with real down-range experience. Primarily offered at our North Carolina Off-Road facility and firing range; the POI is developed based on your unit's Operations Tempo (OPTEMPO) and mission requirements.

Training is also available off-sight, either at your location or State riding facilities near your location.

Our training helps maintain your units Operational Readiness by ensuring all personnel are up to date on certifications and training.

The courses range from basic ATVSI Certification (Beginner Safety); to Advanced Operator including ATV Vehicle weapons fire and tactical deployment.

Examples of Training Available:
  • ATV Overview
  • Vehicle Characteristics
  • Basic ATV Operations
  • ATV Safety Certification
  • ATV Driving Maneuvers; Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Vehicle Preventative Maintenance Checks & Service (PMSC)
  • Night Driving with & without Night Vision Goggles (NVG) and IR Lighting
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  • New Equipment Training (NET)
  • ATV Safety E-Course (online)
  • ATV RiderCourse (ATVSI)
  • The Open Trail Experience (OTE)
  • Advanced Driving Course (AMJ)
  • Deployment in Tactical Environment (AMJ)
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Course Schedule
Quotes / Comments

- The course instructor's combat field experience on ATVs was evident in his highly specialized POI geared toward the team. The men had been through other 'safety' courses; but this was the first course that actually addressed operational capabilities of the vehicle, deployment tactics, field expedient repairs and operation and how the ATV could be utilized to increase our unit capabilities. I highly recommend this course.

- Course Observer

- Having an instructor with a similar background made his instruction very easy to understand; and technical pointers very relevant to actual operations. The course felt more like a training exercise than an Military ATV safety course - I enjoyed it; and took away valuable experience.

- Advanced Course Attendee

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